The Business/Higher Education Round Table is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1990 to strengthen the relationship between business and higher education. B/HERT is the only organisation with members who are leaders in higher education, business, industry bodies and research institutions.


Presentation by Chris Goldsworthy at the 30th June 2014 Skilling Australia Summit: The Alchemy of connecting between business, industry and higher education (pdf).

Destination Australia: Tapping into a New Generation of International Business Students - the Round Table was held on 11 June 2014 in Melbourne. See transcript of Minister Pyne's speech.

Download the latest B/HERT Newsletter: There is a Future: Smart Manufacturing. We hope that you find the real life stories of Australian manufacturing companies who are making their mark in a global marketplace, challenging, interesting, and educational but most of all, inspiring.

Download Notes on Round Table on Engagement, Innovation and the Digital Age, co-hosted by B/HERT and Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd at the National Convention Centre, Canberra on Tuesday, 25 February 2014.

Download booklet: Collaboration: The 21st Century Mechanism for Success. B/HERT launched its latest publication at the B/HERT Awards Dinner on 7 Nov 2013. The publication examines 10 case studies from previous B/HERT Award winners. The material defines very clearly the art of collaboration and the benefits that can be achieved by the business/industry and tertiary education sectors.

Download Presentation by Dr Sharon Winocur to 3rd Annual Asia-Europe Education Workshop, Chiang Mai September 2013 (pdf). More information about ASEF and the 3rd Annual Asia-Europe Education Workshop.

B/HERT Board develops new Strategic Plan for 2013-2015


2014 Awards Information
and Guidelines



2013 B/HERT Award Winners

2013 Best Research and Development Award Winners
Winners of the Best Research & Development Award and the B/HERT Award for Outstanding Excellence in Collaboration
(l to r): from Monash University - Dr Felix Meiser, Adam Tilley and Dr Laurence Orlando; Geoff McDonald (GSK Australia), A/Professor David Morton (Monash), Philip Leslie (GSK), Prof Bill Charman (Monash), Jonathan Parks and Dr Stephanie Parker (GSK), A/Professor Karen Hapgood (Monash), David Herd (GSK)


B/HERT New Colombo Plan Round Table on 18 July 2013, see photo gallery

Professor Ross Milbourne, The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Bill Scales AO


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