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Business/Higher Education Round Table



The mission of the Business/Higher Education Round Table is to pursue policies and collaboration initiatives that will advance the goals and improve the performance of business and tertiary education.

B/HERT was established in 1990 to strengthen the relationship between business and industry and the tertiary education sector.

This relationship is an important one because knowledge exchange and cross-sector collaboration are the critical drivers for a knowledge-based economy.

Australian business and industry can reap significant benefits from better access to the skills and knowledge of our tertiary sector. Business leaders are well placed to promote the quality and global competitiveness of our tertiary education system. As a knowledge broker, B/HERT facilitates effective working relationships.

B/HERT has established strategic partnerships in the development of programs that advance education, research and innovation.

B/HERT is the only national organisation with members who are leaders in tertiary education, business, industry and research institutions.

B/HERT adds value through its unique membership, its engagement on policy issues with government and its commitment to better business/education outcomes through collaboration.

What does B/HERT do?

Promotes policy debate and discussion on issues including:

  • the training agenda - is the education and training sector effective in meeting the needs of business and industry
  • commercialisation of research, particularly in the public sector
  • the critical need for lifelong learning in the business environment
  • the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • effective regional engagement
  • commercial partnerships in R&D
  • science infrastructure and the need to invest in R&D.

Promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange by:

  • providing a practical and effective mechanism for the exchange of information between tertiary education/research organisations, and business (including SMEs)
  • identifying business problems that can be effectively managed through expertise in universities and research organisations.

Respond to members' issues by:

  • aligning activities with relevant business, educational and government innovation/education policies eg regional engagement, tertiary education models, sustainability, workforce development, skill shortages, graduate employability and economic development
  • involving B/HERT members in the development and delivery of programs and activities
  • advocating on behalf of members on relevant issues.

Hosts the Annual B/HERT Awards

  • Best Research & Development Collaboration
  • Best Higher Education & Training Collaboration
  • Community Engagement
  • Entrepreneurial Education
  • Philanthropy
  • Excellence in Accounting Teaching
  • Sustained Collaboration between Business and Tertiary Education
  • Outstanding Excellence in Collaboration

Hosts ministerial working lunches

  • providing members with exclusive access to senior federal policy makers, both in Government and Opposition.

Produce quality publications

  • the 'B/HERT News' is a quality periodical that addresses topics of relevance to members and stakeholders
  • B/HERT's highly regarded publications are listed on this website and reach a wide audience of thought leaders in education, science, research, business and the community in general.

Hosts distinguished speaker dinners

  • a series of eminent speakers from Australia and overseas (for members and available to non-members)
  • an excellent networking opportunity.