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Business/Higher Education Round Table

Archived News Items

BHERT's contribution to ACEEU's inaugural publication, INSIGHT

ACEEU is a council dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial and engaged universities. Dr Sharon Winocur, contributed to its inaugural publication, INSIGHT, with an article about 'Engagement in Australia - Creating the Lucky Country'.

Dr Peter Binks appointed new CEO of BHERT

BHERT is pleased to welcome Dr Peter Binks as its incoming CEO, succeeding Dr Sharon Winocur. Peter’s broad experience in the corporate and university sectors has informed his understanding of the value of innovation, and shaped his commitment to collaboration.

Dr. Russell J Howard Announced as BHERT Fellow

BHERT announces the appointment of Dr. Russell J Howard, BSc (Hons), PhD as the inaugural BHERT Fellow. The role of the BHERT Fellow is primarily to raise awareness on issues related to collaboration between the higher education sector, business and industry.

Senator Simon Birmingham's Keynote Address at 2015 BHERT Awards Dinner

Driving stronger partnerships and collaboration between business, industry, researchers and the higher education sectors was the theme of Senator Simon Birmingham's address to the 2015 BHERT Awards Dinner. Read the transcript of his address.