B/HERT Awards Dinner

The Awards are presented at the B/HERT Awards Dinner in November every year. The 2015 B/HERT Awards Dinner were held on Tuesday 17th November in Melbourne at Crown Towers, Palladium C.

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In attendance were:

  • Vice-Chancellors, senior university management and those involved in any partnership with industry;
  • CEO's and members from leading organisations in business and industry working on collaborative projects with the tertiary education sector;
  • All members of the community supporting partnerships with the tertiary education sector and industry/ business.

B/HERT Awards

B/HERT Awards were established in 1998 to recognise outstanding achievement in collaboration between business and higher education in the fields of research & development and education & training. The objective of the program is to highlight at a national level the benefits of such collaboration and enhance links between industry and universities. This year, online submissions were accepted from June 1st to Sept 7th.

The awards are:

  • Best Research & Development Collaboration
  • Best Higher Education & Training Collaboration
  • Best Community Engagement Collaboration
  • Excellence in Accounting Teaching Collaboration
  • B/HERT Award for Outstanding Excellence in Collaboration – $10,000 prize to the overall winner of the above categories
  • Ashley Goldsworthy Award for Sustained Collaboration between Business and Tertiary Education
  • Best Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year Award
  • Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education

Because the award is made to a program or project involving a collaborative partnership between business and higher education, the collaborating organisations must come from these sectors. The awards are open to B/HERT members and non-members alike.

The Awards are designed to recognise outstanding achievement in collaboration between one or more higher education institutions and one or more industry partners. In this regard industry is defined broadly as publicly and privately owned companies, associations and recognised community and welfare organisations. The underpinning interaction must be a true collaboration above and beyond what would normally be expected as part of routine activities. All parties must be actively involved and contributing, having a relationship well beyond a commercial or service delivery arrangement.

Although applications may be submitted for an award in one or more categories, an application may only win one award. On occasion judges will reassign the application to another category.

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2015 B/HERT
Awards Guidelines

Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Research & Development, Higher Education & Training, Community Engagement and Accounting Teaching

Award for Best Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year

Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Higher Education

2015 B/HERT
Awards Dinner

Tues 17 November 2015
7pm - 11pm

Melbourne, Crown Towers, Palladium C