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The BHERT blog is where our Members can showcase their collaborative projects and activities.

Media Centre for Educational Research, Australia: what it is and why we need it

By Associate Professor Anna Sullivan, Board Chair and Director, Media Centre for Educational Research Australia, University of South Australia

9 March 2017

Australian research is world class and is often hugely influential in academic education circles. However little news of all of this gets into mainstream media in Australia and there is often no public discussion around it.


Co-Creation: Innovating with Students and Industry for Better Employability

By Mollie Dollinger, Ph.D Candidate and Researcher, University of Melbourne

21 February 2017

Think for a moment about the student experience. For all the research and emphasis on student engagement, university teaching and learning has not changed much. Teachers design and carry out curriculum, students do their best to learn it, and employers hope that at the end they’ll have an exceptional and well-trained hire. What’s missing?


Building the future of Australia – sustainable homes and carbon neutral living

By Professor Tanya Monro, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, University of South Australia

17 August 2016

Lochiel Park in South Australia, is arguably Australia’s most environmentally sustainable residential estate. Established to create the nation’s model green village, Lochiel Park showcases environmentally sustainable technologies and practices. This living laboratory located in suburban Adelaide, has helped create a detailed understanding of low carbon homes and their impact, informing sustainable housing decisions throughout the world.


Monash University program providing innovative solutions for business partners

By Madeleine McManus, Director Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI), Monash University

3 August 2016

An Australian first, The Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) facilitates a direct pathway to connect leading Australian and global industry partners and multidisciplinary student teams from Monash University to collaborate and design innovative solutions to real business problems and challenges that are unique to organisations.


Meeting the demand for work-ready graduates

By Andrew C Smith, Vice-President (Engagement), Swinburne University

28 June 2016

For over 50 years, Swinburne has been partnering with leading organisations to offer students authentic workplace experiences.


Public vs Private - the future of teritary education

By Wes Sonnenreich, CEO, intersective

11 May 2016

It's time to reset the thinking around what a private tertiary education provider is and does. Let's put aside the seemingly endless stories about dodgy vocational schools rorting FEE-HELP/HECS and gaming the immigration, indigenous and regional support systems. There are many reasons for why these schools are able to exist, exploit and ultimately fail, but the simple fact that they were private providers isn't one of them. After all, many of the best education institutions in the world are private (e.g. Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, INSEAD).


New-Age Accountants at Macquarie University

By Catriona Lavermicocca, Deputy Head, Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie University

23 February 2016

A ‘new’ accounting bachelor program to be offered by the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance at Macquarie University recognises that, more than ever before, a successful accounting graduate requires a diversity of thoughts and experiences gained during their Bachelor studies.


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