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METS and ATN Round Table

28 July 2017 - Over 30 leaders from businesses, universities, government and industry associations met in Brisbane to identify and address key opportunities in Australia’s METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Services) sector. The meeting was a great success, resulting in an action plan for industry-university collaboration on 3 key issues.

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The Connected University: Technology’s Transformative Role in enabling Student Learning and Graduate Employability Outcomes

21 February 2017 - BHERT, Dimension Data/Oakton/Ellucian, and Deakin University presented a roundtable focusing on how technology and digital platforms can assist in achieving better outcomes for all stakeholders i.e. students, graduates, universities, employers and technology companies.

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Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation Researchers in Business Round Table

8 February 2017 - This round table invited business and industry to draw on the research strengths of the Graham Centre by becoming involved in the PhD training program through flexible industry placement opportunities. The objective was aligned to CSU’s partnership approach where researchers can deal directly with industry challenges and achieve mutual benefits. End user partners likely to benefit from this industry placement program include government agencies, NGO’s, community groups, SMEs and global corporations.

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Telstra-Akamai-B/HERT Round Tables

18 & 20 January 2017 - The round tables featured a peer-to-peer presentation bringing together senior executives and digital learning specialists of Australian universities with guest speakers Dr Tom Leighton (CEO and Founder, Akamai), Dr Hugh Bradlow (Chief Scientist, Telstra) and Dr Sharon Winocur (Executive Director, B/HERT)

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Macquarie University Researchers in Business Round Table

13 December 2016 - This round table brings together members of the university and business sectors to discuss opportunities to incorporate industry-based experience into the PhD training program. Macquarie University recognises the important responsibility to add value through its research framework, World-Leading Research: World Changing Impact, in a context that is responsive to society. The University is committed to attracting the next and brightest to develop the next generation of talented researchers and world-ready leaders.

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2016 B/HERT Awards Dinner

15 November 2016 - The B/HERT Awards were established in 1998 to recognize outstanding achievement in collaboration between business and higher education in the fields of research & development and education & training. The objective of the Awards is to highlight at a national level the benefits of such collaboration and enhance links between industry and universities.

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A new collaboration agenda

11 November 2016 - A roundtable convened by the Business/Education Roundtable and Universities Australia, hosted by Professor Ian Jacobs, Vice Chancellor, University of New South Wales to discuss universities, entrepreneurs and businesses working together for innovation and sustainable prosperity in the digital economy.

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Cross-sector collaboration as a driver of participation of Women in STEM

31 October 2016 - B/HERT and Westpac Bicentennial Foundation held a round table discussion on cross-sector collaboration as a driver of participation of women in STEM. We brought together representatives from the industry and education sectors to demonstrate the effectiveness of cross-sector collaboration in increasing participation of women in STEM related industries and research.

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Future Industries: Fostering Innovation by Connecting Students, Partners and Researchers

22 September 2016 - This round table brought together members of the university and business sectors to discuss opportunities to incorporate industry-based experience into the PhD training program. UniSA is taking a leadership role in transforming the PhD so that graduate expertise is closely aligned to meet the emerging needs of industry. UniSA and B/HERT are committed to develop customised industry collaborative research training schemes that will strengthen business capability and contribute to the national innovation agenda.

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Innovation in Industry: A Researchers in Business Round Table

20 September 2016 - This round table brought together members of the university and business sectors to discuss opportunities to incorporate industry-based experience into the PhD training program.

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Research, Innovation and Impact in the Community Services Sector

09 September 2016 - This round table focussed on how partnering for research and innovation can directly benefit the Communities Services Sector. A select group of stakeholders from the university, government, not-for-profits, and SMEs were invited to discuss opportunities for research collaboration and innovation. The roundtable explored a range of partnership models such as work-based experience by research candidates, data sharing, knowledge transfer, joint research projects, and others.

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Innovation at Work: The Tonsley Precinct

11 July 2016 - This B/HERT round table featured the Tonsley precinct as Australia’s first innovation district. In bringing together leading-edge institutions and companies to connect with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators in a high value industry, research, education and residential precinct, Tonsley is well positioned, through co-location and collaboration, to compete successfully in the digital economy.

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