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Past editions of our newsletter are available below as a free download (pdf file). Printed versions are available for purchase at $7.70 per copy (inclusive of GST and postage & handling) by contacting B/HERT.

Date Title
32 June 2014 There is a Future: Smart Manufacturing We hope that you find the real life stories of Australian manufacturing companies who are making their mark in a global marketplace, challenging, interesting, and educational but most of all, inspiring.
31 Dec 2012 Why, How & When: Preparing for and Managing the Future
30 June 2012 The Renaissance of Law: The Changing Face of Excellence
29 Dec 2010 Entrepreneurship: Creative Construction
28 Apr 2010 Australia's Workforce 2020 and Beyond: Dilemma or Opportunity?
27 Sep 2009 A Better and Smarter Economy: Seeing Around the Next Corner
26 Aug 2008 Aspirations and Recollections
25 Mar 2008 B-HERT Awards 1998 - 2007
24 May 2007 Increasing Private Support for Australian Universities
23 Mar 2006 Emerging Skills - Moving Beyond the Now
22 Jul 2005 The Business of the Humanities, the Humanities of Business
21 Apr 2005 Case Studies in Regional Engagement between Post-Secondary Education and Business
20 Jul 2004 The Changing Education Needs for the Professions
19 Apr 2004 The Challenge by the Private Providers
18 Nov 2003 Improving Teaching and Learning in Universities (out of print)
17 Jul 2003 Regional Provision of Higher Education (out of print)
16 Apr 2003 Developing Generic Skills: Examples of Best Practice
15 Nov 2002 Productivity in the Higher Education Sector: What Does it Mean?
14 Jul 2002 Excellence in Collaborative R&D
13 Mar 2002 Vocational Education and Training (VET)
12 Oct 2001 The Need for a Stronger Entrepreneurial Culture in Australia
11 Jul 2001 The Knowledge Economy & Knowledge Management
10 Mar 2001 Business, Ethics, Values and Education
9 Nov 2000 The Triple Bottom Line: Shareholders, Society, Sustainability
8 Jul 2000 Populate or Stagnate: Australia 2050
7 Mar 2000 The Business of Education for Business
6 Oct 1999 Lifelong Learning in the New Millennium
5 Jul 1999 Australia – the Information Economy (out of print)
4 Mar 1999 Leadership
3 Oct 1998 Innovation
2 Jun 1998 Science Education and Science Research in Australia
1 Mar 1998 Inaugural Issue (out of print)

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