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Monash University program providing innovative solutions for business partners

By Madeleine McManus, Director Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI), Monash University

3 August 2016

Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI)

The 2015 B/HERT Awards saw Monash University’s MITI program receive both the Best Higher Education & Training Collaboration award and the overall Outstanding Excellence in Collaboration award.


An Australian first, The Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) facilitates a direct pathway to connect leading Australian and global industry partners and multidisciplinary student teams from Monash University to collaborate and design innovative solutions to real business problems and challenges that are unique to organisations.

“It was a terrific honour for MITI to receive these awards,” said Madeleine McManus, Director of MITI. “MITI is a great program, which offers real, measurable benefits to both the students and the organisations they engage with. We’re especially pleased that the program, which is the first of its kind in Australia, has been acknowledged in this way within 12 months of being established. It’s a great reward to both our Australian and international industry partners, and the talented, multidisciplinary student teams who represent every faculty at Monash University” she added.

Industry partners host teams of between two and four students at undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD level to complete a defined project over 10-12 weeks from December to February.

Benefits include:

  • Cultivate fresh ideas to challenge your organisations current thinking
  • Achieve creative and innovative solutions through the interaction of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Interact with and create awareness of your organisation and industry amongst some of the best and brightest students at Monash University.

Being recognised as a leader in university and business collaboration provides Monash University with an opportunity to leverage and further develop existing industry partnerships and allows us to position ourselves as an Award winning program for the future value proposition to new partners.

The monetary component of the Award has been invested back into the program to help facilitate opportunities within the not-for-profit sector, an exciting inclusion into the most recent program.

A strong supporter and partner of the program Transurban CEO, Scott Charlton said “One of the biggest positives (of MITI) is to challenge our team’s thinking. You bring in very energetic, talented people without biases or background in the industry and they just think differently. They ask questions we’ve given up asking a long time ago and therefore we rethink the answers and we get much better outcomes.”

The program has delivered a diverse range of innovative outcomes, including: app development, big data analysis and visualisation, innovative product development, process review and optimisation, community art-based projects, digital engagement and interactivity concepts, web-based solutions, development of a clean water system and many others.

Some of the programs current partners include, Transurban, Telstra, United Energy, HP Inc (USA), nab and VicRoads.

Watch the MITI video or visit for more information.

Monash University

Monash University is the second oldest university in the state of Victoria and is one of the largest in Australia in terms of student body size. The university has a large network of seven local and international campuses, with five located in Victoria, one in South Africa, and another in Sunway, Malaysia. Monash also has international centres in China, Italy, and India.

Monash has one of the strongest undergraduate divisions in Australia while also maintaining a heavy focus on research, taking pride in being home to a large number of research facilities. The university forms healthy and mutually beneficial partnerships with the government, non-governmental organizations, and businesses to gain relevant information on issues, processes, and trends that could be used to update their course offerings, thereby ensuring that students gain knowledge that is directly applicable to the current national and global context.

Along with these features, Monash also offers its students the possibility of a unique global learning experience. Its education philosophy, called Monash Passport, is a unique approach that bridges education and career as a seamless process that enables students to have an effortless transition from learning to doing. The university's motto, Ancora Imparo, literally means I am still learning, which reflects the approach that the school takes in shaping its courses and moulding its students.

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