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President's Message

All of us understand what function a deadlock on a door performs, but very few of us would know what role a firewall plays in the world we now live in. The world of digital everything is what we all inhabit – working, transacting, socializing, learning, archiving, travelling, living in smart cities, the list goes on.

In this issue of The BHERT News we invited experts in the field of cybersecurity to offer their thoughts on what this means for all of us.

The importance of the issue is evident given the 'Denial of Service' response experienced by many Australians to Census 2016, and the Commonwealth government having cybersecurity as a strategic priority.

While the physical world might enjoy six degrees of separation, it is very doubtful if a hacker needs six clicks to commit identity theft or cyberespionage.

A recent survey1 conducted by AT&T reported that over 60% of organisations had been breached in 2015. This suggests that all organisations, no matter their size need to have a cyber incident response plan in place. However, this unfortunately is not the case with the same survey indicating only 34% had such a plan.

With the advent of big data, data analytics and social engineering supporting the crucible of the digital economy, it is clear that many businesses that promote the security of their data, both institutional and individual, don't actually have the network architecture or system infrastructure in place to match such rhetoric.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all, from board directors through to front-line staff to have a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity and what constitutes best practice. Indeed as we become further entrenched in the digital world it becomes a case of, not if, but when you will face a cyberattack.

I hope you find the contents of News 36 of interest and helpful in shaping your organisation's actions to the ever-changing digital landscape. I offer my warmest appreciation to the contributors and to the team at BHERT for putting together this edition of the BHERT News.

11 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights, Vol 3

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