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Cybersecurity: A World without Borders
BHERT News #36 - July - December 2016

A recent survey reported that over 60% of organisations had been breached in 2015. This suggests that all organisations, no matter their size need to have a cyber incident response plan in place. In this issue of The BHERT News we invited experts in the field of cybersecurity to offer their knowledge on how you can shape your organisation's actions to the ever-changing digital landscape.


Transition Initiatives for the 2020 Economy

The Seeds of Transition: Initiatives for the 2020 Economy and Beyond
BHERT News #35 - June 2016

A repositioned economy based on structural change enabling knowledge/IP translation and not restricted by geography is an outcome that will serve Australia well as we move further into the 21st century. And so it is that the contributors for this edition of the BHERT News bring a focus to initiatives that will be a part of this journey.


25 Years Outstanding B/HERT Achievements

25 Years of Outstanding Achievements
BHERT News #34 - November 2015

To commemorate BHERT’s 25 year anniversary milestone, former presidents shared their reflections on their time at BHERT and their visions of the future for university and business collaboration. Other articles looked at the natural partnership between researchers and business.


25 Years Outstanding B/HERT Achievements

Just-in-Time Knowledge: The Value Proposition of MOOCs and Online Learning
BHERT News #33 - June 2015

Industry, the Higher Education sector and government all agree that education is key to our future success. The relatively new phenomena of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), learning enabled by technology, has caused a significant evolution of the traditional education model. This edition of BHERT News asks us to reflect on what has taken place regarding the maturation of MOOCs, their integration into the blended learning model and their value proposition to students, universities and business.


Smart Manufacturing in Australia

There is a Future: Smart Manufacturing
BHERT News #33 - June 2014

We hope that you find the real life stories of Australian manufacturing companies who are making their mark in a global marketplace, challenging, interesting, and educational but most of all, inspiring.



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